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About Faglausn

The couple Almar Eggertsson and Sigrún Birna Árnadóttir founded Faglausn in the year 2006. Almar, the manager of Faglausn, is an educated constructing architect and a house builder as well as being a licensed designer and constructing manager. Sigrún attends to various jobs at the office of Faglausn.

The company strives to offer professional services of great quality at a reasonable price.

The office is located at Garðarsbraut 5, second floor, 640 Húsavík.

Here are some examples of the service we offer.


Evaluating the construction project

We help our customer to understand the nature of the project. This, for example, we do by asking the following questions:

  • What kind of maintenance is needed?
  • Are there any changes needed and if so what kind?
  • Is this a construction project from scratch?
  • Is it the right time for the project?
  • Is there something else that needs to be done first?
  • Is there more than one owner involved?

Obtaining permission, applications and assessment

We help you realize if and what kind of bureaucratic work needs to done for the project.

  • Does the project need any kind of permission?
  • What is needed to obtain permission for constructing?
  • Do neighbours or any institutions need to be consulted?

Assistance in financing the project

It is important from the beginning to realize the magnitude of your project and what your possibilities in financing the project are.

  • How will you finance your project?
  • Is it clear how much the project will cost and how much needs to be done?

Making contracts

Are you afraid to lose the grasp of your project?

We emphasise that our customers make a contract with those working on the project. We can take care of these contracts and make sure they are followed until the end of the project.


Before any kind of construction projects are undertaken it is important to try and realize how it will look at the end and how big the project really is, before it starts. We can take care of design and construction drawings.

Main drawings

We take care of the main drawings for you, which have to be presented if the project needs permission. We emphasise that the drawings are in accordance to valid planning, laws and regulation. We ensure good cooperation with engineers and technologists to get the best results

Construction drawings

These are the drawings that are used the most at the work place or on the construction site. Our drawings are thoroughly read-through to ensure the highest quality. We will make the most out of meeting your demands while maintaining a professional approach.

Construction plans and local planning

Construction projects sometimes need to be integrated with local planning. We work with trustworthy parties to ensure the best results in planning.


It is important to outline your project in order to understand the extent of your project. We have extensive experience in assessing projects and can help you make necessary plans.


We divide the whole project and assess the cost of each part. This is important to be able to interfere in time if the project’s expenses are getting out of hand.


Time is important in construction projects and we help you make a reasonable schedule for the project and ensure that everything is done in accordance to the schedule.

Evaluating the project’s size

To make sure the project goes smoothly and according to plan we help evaluating the extent of the project.

  • What is the project’s extent?
  • How many will work on it?
  • What kind of machinery is needed?
  • Does weather need to be considered because of roof or tugging?
  • Do rules of the Administration of Occupational Safety and Health in Iceland apply?
  • Is it mandatory to hand in a safety plan?

Project management

Faglausn takes on various jobs, from small maintenance projects to large buildings. We emphasize that the customer will always take care of making the final decisions. We make sure that the customer is well informed and conscious of the project’s progress.


We take care of supervising all aspects of the project for the customer, i.e. going to meetings, approving of expenses, maintaining an overview of the progress etc.

Obtaining material

Faglausn seeks the most favourable prices and quality in the construction material. We buy all material without any intermediary.

Condition examination

It is important to realise the state of a property before starting the construction project, for example when maintaining or changing old houses. It is much more beneficial to examine the property before any work is done, instead of starting the work and realise that more needs to be done than was originally estimated. We therefore emphasize that an examination of properties is an investment worthwhile. We have an extensive knowledge in the field we have for example carried out examinations for VIS Insurance Ltd.

In examinations of this kind we for example look for corrosion in roof and pipes, fungus, humidity, cracks in walls, density and insulation of windows etc.

You can contact Faglausn by calling +354 898-8302 or by e-mail: faglausn@faglausn.is